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Inst-a-tector Watermark Detectors

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Why do I need to know about these watermarks? During the life that stamps are on sale, many different watermarks could have been used during the manufacture of the paper. The same stamp could catalogue at 10p or £1,100 all depending on the WATERMARK. Also stamps sometimes come with the watermark sideways or inverted on the same type of stamp. When the stamps come from booklets and coils the watermark is different way round. These are all listed in most stamp catalogues.

Morley Bright Inst-a-tector - An 'Ink Pad Impression' system where-by the stamp is placed under a sealed (therefore dry) sachet of liquid and pressure is applied using the inst-a-tector. As watermarks leave a fractional thickness difference on the paper / stamp, the liquid in the sachet fills these small gaps displaying an image of the watermark.

Spare ink sachets available.