Stanley Gibbons - Commonwealth Stamp Cat - Hong Kong 5th Ed

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Publisher: Stanley Gibbons
Topic: Stamps
Type: Commonwealth
Country/Countries: Hong Kong
Page Count: 85
Level of Detail: Comprehensive
Year: 2015
Edition: 5
Printed in: Colour
Cover Type: Softback
This new edition of the full colour Hong Kong catalogue, lists all mint and used stamps from the first issued in 1862 up to and including the Special Administration Region of the Peopleâs Republic of China, which was instigated on 1 July, 1997. Prices have been carefully revised to reflect the strong market for this area. New issues are now listed up to September 2015 . The Stanley Gibbons Hong Kong Catalogue covers a number of areas of interest including: - Postage dues - Postcard stamps - Postal fiscals - Stamp booklets - Premium booklet - Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong - British Post Offices in China (Hong Kong stamps) - British Post Offices in Japan (Hong Kong stamps) Guidance is also given on valuing stamped covers prior to 1945.