Collecting British First Day Covers

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The new edition of COLLECTING BRITISH FIRST DAY COVERS is now in it’s 36th year.

The catalogue lists all known special postmarks for each stamp issue and is now widely regarded as the Collectors’ Bible on the subject of British first day covers.

It is the most complete listing of British First Day Covers available.

Each page is a mass of information with many postmarks and first day covers illustrated.

The catalogue is printed in full colour throughout.

All FDC and postmark types are listed in an easy-to-follow format. Prices for special handstamps are given in a two column price structure, i.e. prices for ORDINARY (or commercial) covers, e.g. Royal Mail covers, and a price for the OFFICIAL (or sponsored) cover. The collector will also find detailed listings of relevant CDS and Slogan Postmarks on older first day covers.

All types of definitives are included in a separate section which has been formatted for easy reference with sub-sections including Stamp Books, Prestige Stamp Books, Regionals, and Varieties (changes to perfs, papers, phosphors) etc - with many of the special postmarks and covers illustrated.