London Cigarette & Trade Card Catalogue 2018 - LCC

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We believe this is the most comprehensive catalogue of cigarette and trade cards ever published. We have combined the Cigarette, Trade and Liebig card catalogues into one volume covering over 16,000 series. It is in five sections and gives up-to-date values for cards, silks and special albums in top condition.
Section 1 British Tobacco Issuers - Contains details of cigarette cards and silks issued at home and abroad from the 19th century to the present day. It has reference numbers to cross reference with the British Tobacco Issues Handbook, Ogdens, G Phillips and Wills reference books giving information for British Tobacco series which will be a great help to collectors to identify cards especially unnumbered or untitled series. For the first time ever we have added the special albums issued for individual sets. We have also listed the scarce cards within some of the sets with their appropriate price.
Section 2 Foreign Tobacco Issuers - Issuers mainly from English speaking countries like U S A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, but also covers cards from Malta, South Africa, Far East etc. We have added a selection of special albums issued for individual sets and also some new series.
Section 3 Reprinted Series - Contains reprinted series of mainly cigarette cards, but also includes some trade card reprints. now over 350 sets
Section 4 Trade Card issues - This section has been completely updated with the new issues - over 100 sets added to stock from the past twelve months, plus additional older series and many special albums (250 new additions). It covers a magnificent selection of well over 7,000 series by non-tobacco firms, such as Brooke Bond Tea, Bassett, A & BC Gum, Topps, as well as the newer companies like Rittenhouse, Golden Era, Rockwell, Hunter etc. Cards from the early 1900s by Fry and Cadbury right up to the latest series of Film Stars, Star Wars, TV & Films, Cricket, Footballers, Military, Motoring etc. Also a new column has been introduced into this section to give handbook references where appropriate linked to the British Trade Card Handbook Issues up to 1970, (2006 edition). This will be a great help to collectors looking for information on unnumbered sets and different varieties of backs etc.
Section 5 Liebig Card Issues - Lists more than 1,500 superbly printed series issued in Europe between 1891 to 1975, (all except the earliest) by this company. The set titles have been up-dated where appropriate to reflect a better translation of the card series. Also the corresponding Sanguinetti reference numbers have been added to the Fada numbers.
The catalogue also contains a brand new section of 148 full colour illustrations and the Index of Brands has been amalgamated into one list with the addition of section numbers to indicate which section they apply to.