Roman Silver Coins - A Price Guide

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In this new 2018 edition all the values have been carefully looked at and adjusted (mostly upwards). Small amounts of text have been changed due to new information since the last edition was published.

With this book, the most commonly encountered Silver Roman coins can be inexpensively identified and some idea of value can be gained. The line drawings of most obverse types mean that the legend is clear and readable in the book, and it makes a great aid to identification, as does the alphabetical list of emperors/empresses.

Just like its popular partner title (Roman Base Metal Coins – A Price Guide) this book includes instructions on cleaning silver Roman coins and a list of Roman mint town mintmarks. It also includes an alphabetical list of Emperors/Caesars/Empresses and information on Roman coin grading. The book is ordered by design type initially, then chronologically from chronologically from Augustus onwards. With the introduction of different coin types clearly mentioned, together with some historical notes, it also gives an easy to follow explanation of the Roman silver coinage and how it changed over 740 years.