Stanley Gibbons - Brunei, Malaysia & Singapore

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This catalogue provides a comprehensive priced listing of the stamps of Brunei, Malaysia, Malaysian States and Singapore.

This latest edition lists and prices the stamps from the earliest colonial issues (detailed below) to the modern issues of Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore.
• Brunei (1895),
• Straits Settlements (1867),
• Federated Malay States (1900),
• Johore (1876),
• Kedah (1912),
• Kelantan (1911),
• Sungei Ujong (1878),
• Negri Sembilan (1891),
• Pahang (1889),
• Perak (1878),
• Selangor (1881),
• Trengganu (1910),
• Labuan (1879),
• North Borneo (1883) and
• Sarawak (1869)

The level of detail will be familiar to users of the Part 1 British Commonwealth listings. Many colour illustrations. The stamps overprinted for the British Post Office in Bangkok, priced listings of Indian stamps used in the Straits Settlements, Thai stamps used in Northern Malaya and the various World War II occupation issues are all included.

The catalogue contains:
1. British Post Office in Siam (on Straits Settlements stamps)
2. Brunei
3. Japanese Occupation of Brunei
4. Malaysia
5. Straits Settlements
6. Federated Malay States
7. Malayan Postal Union
8. Malaya (British Military Administration)
9. Malayan Federation
10. Malaysia
11. Federal Territory Issues
12. Malaysian States: Johore; Kedah; Kelantan; Malacca;
Negri Sembilan; Sungei Ujong;
Negri Sembilan; Pahang; Penang; Perak; Perlis;
Selangor; Trengganu
13. Siamese Posts in Northern Malaya
14. Japanese Occupation of Malaya
15. Thai Occupation of Malaya
16. Labuan
17. Sabah; North Borneo; Sabah
18. Japanese Occupation of North Borneo
19. Sarawak
20. Japanese Occupation of Sarawak
21. Singapore
Prices and details of issues up to 1970 have been taken from Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth and British Empire 2017 Catalogue.

Later issues have been specially repriced for this catalogue.
New issue listings updated to:

1. Brunei - July 2016
2. Malaysia – October 2016
3. Singapore – November 2016