Stanley Gibbons - Cyprus, Gibraltar & Malta 4th Ed.

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This catalogue provides a comprehensive priced listing of stamps issued by Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot Posts, Gibraltar and Malta, as well as the former British colonies in Europe of Heligoland and the Ionian Islands and also the British Post Offices in Crete.
The Stanley Gibbons Cyprus, Gibraltar and Malta Catalogue lists and prices the stamps of British Empire and Commonwealth countries in the area from the earliest issues to date, to the level of detail familiar to users of the Part 1 British Commonwealth listings.
The catalogue contains:
•British Post Offices in Crete (1898-99)
•Cyprus (1880-2014)
•Turkish Cypriot Posts (1974-2014)
•Gibraltar (1866-2014)
•Heligoland (1867-90)
•Ionian Islands (1859)
•Malta (1860-2014)
New issue listings updated as follows:
•Cyprus (up to August 2014)
•Turkish Cypriot Posts (up to September 2014)
•Gibraltar (up to July 2014)
•Malta (up to September 2014)