Stanley Gibbons Southern & Central Africa - 2nd Edition

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The Stanley Gibbons Southern and Central Africa Catalogue lists and prices the stamps of British Empire and Commonwealth countries in the area from the earliest issues to date, to the level of detail familiar to users of the Part 1 British Commonwealth listings.
The catalogue contains:
Stellaland 1884-5
British Bechuanaland 1885-93
Bechuanaland Protectorate 1888-1966
Botswana 1966-2011
Stamp Booklets
Postage Dues
Postal Fiscals
Basutoland 1933-66
Lesotho 1966-2010
Stamp Booklets
Official Stamps
Postage Dues
British Central Africa 1891-1907
Nyasaland Protectorate 1908-54 and ’63-4
Malawi 1964-2013
Stamp Booklets
Postage Dues
Mozambique 1995-2011
South West Africa 1923-90
Namibia 1990-2013
Stamp Booklets
Postage Dues
Official Stamps
British South Africa Company 1892-1909
Rhodesia 1909-1924
Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1954-64
Stamp Booklets
Postage Dues
South Africa:
Cape of Good Hope 1853-1904
Griqualand West 1874-9
Natal 1857-1909
New republic 1886-7
Orange Free State/River Colony 1868-1909
Transvaal 1870-1909
Zululand 1888-96
British Army Post Offices 1910-61
Union of South Africa 1910-61
Republic of South Africa 1961-2013
Bophuthatswana 1977-94
Ciskei 1981-94
Transkei 1976-94
Venda 1979-94
Stamp Booklets
Postage Dues
Official stamps
Swaziland: 1889-92 and 1933-2012
Postage Dues
Northern Rhodesia 1925-53 and 1963
Zambia 1964-2010
Stamp Booklets
Postage Dues
Southern Rhodesia 1924-1953 and 1964
Rhodesia 1965-80
Zimbabwe 1980-2013
Stamp Booklets
Postage Dues
New issue listings updated as follows:
•Botswana (up to January 2011)
•Lesotho (up to April 2010)
•Malawi (up to July 2013)
•Mozambique (up to February 2011)
•Namibia (up to June 2013)
•South Africa (up to December 2013)
•Swaziland (up to April 2012)
•Zambia (up to November 2010)
•Zimbabwe (up to July 2013)