Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Canada & Provinces 6th Ed

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The Stanley Gibbons Canada and Provinces Catalogue is a detailed and highly informative catalogue, ideal for any collector who specialises in the stamps of this area.
Apart from the stamps of the current issuing country, the Stanley Gibbons Canada and Provinces Catalogue covers a number of other areas of interest:
• British Columbia & Vancouver Island (1860)
• Vancouver Island (1865)
• British Columbia (1865-71)
• Colony of Canada (1851-64)
• New Brunswick (1851-63)
• Newfoundland (1857-1949)
• Nova Scotia (1851-63)
• Prince Edward Island (1861-72)
• Dominion of Canada (1868-2016)
• Stamp Booklets (1900-2016)
• Registration Stamps (1875-92)
• Special Delivery Stamps (1898-1946)
• Postage Due Stamps (1906-78)
• Official Stamps (1923-63)
• Official Special Delivery Stamps (1923-50)
• Includes the early colonial stamps of British Columbia & Vancouver Island (1860-71), Colony of Canada (1851-64), New Brunswick (1851-63), Newfoundland (1857-1949), Nova Scotia (1851-63) and Prince Edward Island (1861-72)
• Canada stamps from 1868 to 2016
• Watermark varieties, shades, plate flaws and major errors are included
• Priced listings of booklets (1900-2016), registration stamps (1875-92), special delivery stamps (1898-1946), postage due stamps (1906-78), official stamps, including the ‘OHMS’ perfins (1923-63) and official special delivery stamps (1923-50). The Crowned Circle ‘Paid At’ handstamps of Quebec, St John’s, Newfoundland, and Amherst and St Margaret’s Bay in Nova Scotia are also listed
• Listings up to 1970 are extracted from the forthcoming Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 2017 catalogue, subsequent issues have been updated for this volume
• Illustrated in colour
• On cover “multipliers” provided for all stamps to 1945, to allow calculation of prices for stamps on cover
• Design index to aid identification of stamps from 1942 onwards
• Explanatory notes have been provided to go with the illustrations showing the differences between the De La Rue and Perkins Bacon printings of the 1928-31 ‘Publicity’ issue of Newfoundland
• New listings include another ‘imperf between’ error on the ‘long’ Coronation set of Newfoundland, the ‘overprint double’ on the 1c. ‘Cameo’ Official stamp of Canada and several new errors and varieties on more modern issues
• Prices have been revised throughout, with increases to the Provinces, Canada up to 1950, errors and varieties and the most recent issues
193 pages