Sleeves for all Classic Album

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Sleeves / Leaves for the 'Classic' range of albums, designed for the coin, medal and banknote collector
Made from sturdy PVC.
The 6, 20, 30 & 63 Pocket Pages Measure 238mm(w) x 278mm(h) while the 9 Pocket Pages Measure 222mm(w) x 295mm(h) with the following pocket sizes:
6 Pocket Medal - Pocket Size 72mm(w) x 132mm(h)
9 Pocket Miniature Medal - Pocket Size 69mm(w) x 87mm(h)
20 Pocket Coin - Pocket Size 50mm(w) x 48mm(h)
30 Pocket Coin - Pocket Size 43mm(w) x 43mm(h)
63 Pocket Coin - Pocket Size 29mm(w) x 24mm(h)